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This is my typical response:
- Mr Paul, I really like the Italian kitchen!
- (Me) I prefer the IKEA one to be honest! Much cheaper!

So what's the difference? 
CUISINE: a style or quality of cooking (Often at a national level)
👉🏻 French cuisine is considered to be one of the world's most refined and elegant styles of cooking. 
👉🏻 The restaurant is noted for its excellent cuisine.

KITCHEN: the place where you cook:
👉🏻 I spend all day cooking in the kitchen like a slave!
👉🏻 I'm rather fond of the traditional Italian kitchen! (The setup, not the food)

BUT... You might occasionally hear KITCHEN in place of CUISINE but there is a slight difference in use! 
👉🏻 This tasty dish is typical of the Chinese kitchen!
Here the use is more metaphorical (Used less in everyday English). It's also not just about the food but how it's prepared, the utensils used etc. 

So if you are just referring to the style of food, use CUISINE:
👉🏻 I am a huge fan of Mongolian cuisine
👉🏻 The popular restaurant "Utter Tripe" serves the best CUISINE (or dishes) in London!

DISH: food prepared in a particular way as part of a meal (many DISHES can make up a CUISINE)
👉🏻 Here's a dish I prepared earlier. 
👉🏻 It takes a long time to prepare the dish but the results are so good that it's worth the effort. 
👉🏻 It's a simple dish to prepare, consisting mainly of rice and vegetables.

It's as simple as that 😎