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One of the great challenges in English is understanding words with multiple meanings. For example, the meaning of RUN is completely different in the following sentences: 

● I love to go for a run in the mornings. 
● I’m sorry – I have to run to a meeting. I’ll see you later! 
● I’m going to run to the cafeteria downstairs – do you need anything? 
● Oh no! I have a run in my stockings! This looks terrible! 
● The house on the corner with the ivy running up the side is for sale. 
● Did you hear that Joseph is going to run in the election? 

To best understand the meaning of run, we have to understand the full context. 

✅ Meanings of Run as a Verb 

◕ Run: to move legs quickly, more rapidly than a walk 
- I run every morning for exercise. It also helps to clear my mind and reduce stress! 
◕ Run: to move or act quickly 
- Run to the kitchen to get the stain cleaner! This red wine will stain the sofa if we don’t clean it immediately. 
◕ Run: to make a quick trip, an informal and short visit 
- You should run next door to wish Jon a happy birthday. They are leaving soon but I know he would really appreciate seeing you. 
◕ Run: to be in or to campaign in an election 
- I’m thinking about running for president of the association. 
◕ Run: to flow as some liquid, to flow along or to empty liquid contents 
- The Volga River is 2,290 miles long and runs into the Caspian Sea. 
◕ Run: to creep, trail climb or grow as vines 
- I’ve always loved homes with ivy running up the sides of the house. 

✅ Meanings of Run as a Noun 

◕ Run: the act, the length of time or the distance for running 
- He just finished his 5-mile run. 
◕ Run: the line or place where stitches in fabric come undone 
- I just bought these stockings and they already have a run in them! I’m so frustrated.