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➡ 1) Know your English well. Study hard then the exam is easier. However, we need a backup plan just in case... 
➡ 2) Treat the two or three paragraphs in the text individually or you will end up reading the text again and again which you don't have time for. 
➡ 3) Start reading (don't look at the options in part 1 yet). Rely on your instinct. When you are reading at a nice, normal speed, you might be surprised how the word just appears. Finish the paragraph. 
➡ 4) Check to see if your "instinctive predictions" have appeared in options A B C or D. If yes, then you are 99.9% right (always double check to make sure you instinct wasn't wrong) :)) 
➡ 5) If you instinctively chose a word and it is not there, but an exact synonym is, then there is a very strong chance that the synonym is the right answer. (Again double check) 
➡ 6) So we come across a gap and we have no idea what the answer can be. Look at your options A B C and D and see if one of them happens to fit. Maybe the word is obvious, but you didn't think of it. 
➡ 7) Blin! Now we are in a situation where nothing came instinctively, and we aren't sure about what fits. So we need to start analyzing the text. Is it a phrasal verb? What preposition comes after the gap so that we can pair up the right verb with it? Is it an expression, a collocation etc? 
➡ 8) So you have no idea :((( Then cross out the options you are sure it is not. So we know it's not A and D so that leaves B and C. We have reduced the chances of getting the answer wrong if we need to guess. 
➡ 9) Nothing works, no idea, all 4 options seem possible, time is running out... Close your eyes and just guess. Part 1 is a multiple choice task.