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Worksheets for young learners and low levels.

➡ This is a discussion lesson about food. It is particularly useful for learners who have low fluency, since the content is straightforward and aimed at general conversation practice. It has full teacher notes included.
➡ Useful reference for telling dates in both British and American English. For review or introducing a lesson. 
➡ A fun worksheet mainly for elementary school kids. The first exercise is a true or false activity with sentence writing. On the second page, kids have to name the autumn clothes and colour them.
➡ First, pupils have to match some vocabulary from the recipe (noun-picture). Then, they have to put the right vocabulary in the correct gap.
➡ Text with (am/is/are). Learners must complete the text with am / is / are and then should write a text.
➡ This is a card game that enables to learn the names of the animals of the farm and their calls (sounds + verbs). It can be used to introduce the present simple as well as the vocabulary of the book by Julia Donaldson.
➡ Practice for young pupils. They have to write sentences using some given words in different tenses.
➡ Sports and leisure activities with gerund forms. Can be used as a starter or as homework.
➡ Charades printouts for actions.