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CVC Words Activities are important for kids to make them able to identify the sounds of the letters . They will be able to read fluently . This activity book will help kids to identify the vowels in the words and count the pictures. This will help them improve their reading skills . Kids will count the pictures and trace the words.

The most exciting time in a new parent’s life is probably when their child first starts saying coherent words, like mum or dad? The next step taken by most parents is to try to teach them more. So, their child learns to communicate effectively. The easiest way to start is by teaching your kids about the CVC words.

CVC words are short lettered words. They start with a consonant, have a small vowel in the middle, and end with a consonant. These words are easy to pronounce for kids. What my point is that they encourage your kids to learn more rather than starting with bigger words such as Apple or Banana.

If your child gets stuck at along word, they develop a discouraging attitude, involuntarily. That is why it’s better to start with concepts like CVC.

Teaching kids about the concept of CVC opens a new dimension for them. Your child gets excited about making new words. As a parent, every time they tell you the correct word. It is wise to award them with something they enjoy.

That encourages and motivates them to learn more. It saves you a lot of tantrums as well. If you instill it in your child’s mind from the start that they will get a reward for behaving nicely. 

Samples from the Worksheet

For kids these days, the best way to teach them is to use digital learning applications.  They enhance their concentration span for a specific concept. The enticing animation and vivid graphic. They don’t let your child lose attention out of sheer boredom.


The learning apps these days, come with a game-based interface. My point is, your child solves the worksheet thinking it’s a game! It’s hitting two birds with one stone!