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A compound word is where two or more root words are merged into a new and different word. There are three different kinds of compound: open, closed, and hyphenated compound words. Read this handy guide to learn more about compound words and how they can be used in different sentences.

Compound words are made by joining two or more words; the combination creates a new word. They can be formed using two nouns, e.g. basketball, two non-nouns, e.g. blowup, or a noun and non-noun, e.g. sunrise. It is important to note that the words do not always keep their original meaning, e.g. breakfast.

When you teach words for kids, remember to teach them compound words for kids too. Compound words are two small words put together to form a word. The compound words are unique because they have their own meaning. Though it has two different meanings, it forms a meaningful word used for communication. Apart from teaching compound words for kids, you can also focus on teaching the definition of compound words for kids.

Fun Ways To Teach Simple Compound Words to Kids. 

All the kids have different learning styles and patterns. It is not necessary that every kid has the same kind of learning abilities, they do have different grasping and understanding power. So parents and educators need to come up with new ways to make lessons engaging for kids. Here are some fun and interesting ways to teach compound words to the kids. 

Samples From the Worksheet 

Flashcards: Most kids are visual learners. So, help them learn compound words for kids by showing them images of the words or flashcards. Once they’ve learnt the words, test their knowledge using a fun match the image and the word to form a compound word game. All you have to do is prepare a set of flashcards with several words on one set of cards and images on another set. Ask the kids to flip the flashcards and match them to form a correct compound word. For example, BLUE and BERRIES make Blueberries. The aim is to find a word and an image to form a compound word. 

Hands-on Activities: Kids learn easily when they’re taught with the help of activities. So, involve the kids in hands-on learning activities like Pictionary to help them learn compound words for kids. You can use the list above or use Pictionary words for kids. For example, the kids can draw a tree and a house, which makes it a treehouse. The other kids in the team will have to guess the word based on the drawing. 

Arts and Craft: Word art and craft using compound words are one of the best ways to help kids learn these words. Use the list above for crafting with your kids. For example, you can make your own sunglasses. Crafting helps the kids learn the words and retain them in their memory for a longer period of time. 

Compound words can take three possible forms: closed, open, or hyphenated. In closed form, there is no space between the joined words. In open form, there is a space between the “joined” words that still act as one unit, and in hyphenated form—you guessed it! There is a hyphen between the joined words.