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➡ To take/sit/write/have an exam/test 
I have my driving test tomorrow. 
All students will be sitting their exams at the end of May
(Russian speakers, CAN'T say: I will pass my exams next week... unless you have bribed the examiner and already know your results. 
➡ To pass/fail an exam 
I passed my exam because I rubbed a dog's nose in a Moscow metro station. 
I failed my exam because I didn't study :((( 

➡ To pass with flying colours 
Meaning - to pass a test easily with no effort
➡ To cream the test 
Meaning - to pass a test easily with no effort.
➡ To fluke an exam/test (a fluke) - slang!!! 
Meaning - to pass luckily
I only studied one topic out of 50 and by luck, the exam asked about that one topic. What a fluke!

➡ To blag it - slang!!! 
Meaning - to pass by sheer luck with no preparation
- How did you pass?
- I just blagged it to be honest!"
(you can blag a job interview = you didn't prepare but you managed to do well)
➡ To scrape through 
Meaning - to just pass
The pass mark was 50% and I got 51%. So I just scrapped through. 
➡ To barely pass 
Meaning - to just pass 
- Well done on your test! 
- What, but I got 51%. I barely passed. But I suppose it's still a pass!
➡ To get through 
Meaning - to just pass
I managed to get through the exam, just!
➡ A borderline pass 
Meaning - a pass but close to failing
Many students at university get a borderline pass because they're lazy bastards.

➡ To resit/retake an exam 
Meaning - to do it again because you failed 
➡ To miss the mark 
Meaning - to just fail
The pass mark was 50% and I got 49. Oh, I just missed the mark. Facepalm 😩
➡ To fail miserably 
Meaning - to fail really badly
I failed my driving test miserably because I parked the car in the window of a shop.
➡ To mess up - slang!!! 
Meaning - to perform really badly
I messed up my driving test because I didn't know how to use the brakes.