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There are sooooooo many verbs with re- (also nouns and some adjectives) as a prefix which means 'again.' Usually if the word begins with an 'e' then the prefix is hyphenated (-) entry = re-entry but gain = regain. 

✅ redo (do again) 
- I had to redo my homework because my dog ate the original. 

✅ rearm (have weapons again) 
- Lichtenstein is breaking the UN's mandate by rearming in preparation for world domination. 

✅ reapply (apply again) 
- some girls have to reapply makeup 20 times a day. That is what happens when you buy cheap Chinese crap. 

✅ reprint (print again) 
- The Encyclopedia of Mongolian Proctology has been off the shelves for years but due to popular demand it's being reprinted.