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BOOZE (slang: alcohol) 
- Let's pop to the shop and get some booze for tonight's party, mum!

PLONK (slang: cheap wine) 
- I only have 2 quid but I can buy a bottle of plonk for that at Diksi.

SPIRITS (alcohol such as Vodka, Tequila etc) 
- I spent 100 pounds on spirits for Christmas which I spent alone.

LIQUEUR (sweetened spirits) 
- Girls drink liqueur like Amaretto and After Shock... not lads.

LIQUOR (Distilled like Brandy or Whiskey) 
- I like to show my appreciation for age-old liquor by adding Fanta to it.

AN OFF-LICENCE (a shop in the UK which sells alcohol. In the US it's called a liquor store)

THE OFFY (slang version of the off-licence) 
-I'm popping down the offy. Need anything?

THE LOCAL (slang: local pub) 
-I'm popping down the local for a pint!

THE BOOZER (slang: pub) 
-Excuse me, mate. Could you tell me where the nearest boozer is?

A 6-PACK (cans of beer often come together in a packet of 6. We also use 6-pack to say that a man has a very muscly and defined stomach: he has a 6-pack)

AN ALCOHOLIC (formal: a person addicted to alcohol)

AN ALKY (slang: an alcoholic)

A DRUNK (semi-formal: a person who is regularly drunk: used negatively)

A PISS-HEAD (slang: a person who drinks a lot)

A BEER MONSTER (slang: a person who drinks heavily)

A LIGHTWEIGHT (slang: a person who gets drunk very easily on a small amount)

A TEETOTALER (a person who doesn't drink alcohol at all)

TO GET DRUNK synonyms (all are informal unless stated otherwise):
to get/be pissed (most common) 
to get/be wasted (very common) 
to get/be plastered 
to get/be rat-arsed 
to get/be shitfaced 
to get/be hammered 
to get/be smashed 
to get/be intoxicated (semi-formal:extremely drunk) 
to get/be blind drunk (extremely drunk) 
to get/be inebriated (formal: extremely drunk)

to get/be tipsy (a little drunk after a glass or two) 
to get/be merry (exactly the same as above)

to be sober (the state of not being drunk) 
to sober up (the process of getting the alcohol out of your body) 
to go straight (to avoid alcohol because you used to be an alcoholic)

to go on a pub-crawl (to go drinking from pub to pub) 
to have/go on a piss-up (to stay at home or to go out and get drunk)

Down it!!! (means: to drink your drink in one go) 
Drink up! (means: finish your drink maybe because it's time to leave)

There are many more words but these are enough to get you started. Here is a video on these with more examples.