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10 Ways to Increase Imagination & Creativity

For speaking, we need to be able to play with the language we have. To do this we need to have a creative mind. That means we need to develop our imagination. This is vital for your exams in English!
Read the following tips on how to develop your imagination which will thus improve your speaking skills tenfold. It works in our classes!
✔ Open your mind to unexplored paths.
To come up with new ideas may be challenging and even oftentimes daunting, as unexplored paths may pose unexpected threats. It is also an avenue where one can find genuine ideas that can result to a successful endeavour.

✔ Read more.
One’s willingness to learn new things gauges one’s ability to accept and adapt to change. It improves one’s adaptability to imaginative reasoning and creative thinking.
✔ Tell stories.
People love to listen to stories and each person has a story to tell. Practice imaginative and creative thinking by telling as many stories as you can. Let it be descriptive. Let it allow you and your listener to visualize what is being told.
✔ Be curious.
Learning new things sparks creativity and increases imagination. A part of learning new things is being curious. Feed your curiosity by asking questions and build your ideas with the help of insight from others.
✔ Don’t be afraid to try something new.
It is often said that if you keep on doing the same things, then you will keep on receiving the same things. Challenge yourself to experience new things or embark on new adventures and endeavors.
✔ Expand your interests.
Creativity is fueled by passion. Expand your interests by shifting your focus to include other interests that you may be passionate about.
✔ Develop your talents.
Everyone has a set of skills or talents. Focus on developing and honing these talents to express your creativity and imagination in areas that you excel in or in things that you know how to do best.

✔ Spend time with creative people.
Synergize your energies by spending time with people who share the same interest as yours. Brainstorming, planning, or simply talking to people will keep creative juices running, giving new and fresh ideas.
✔ Look at things differently.
At the points when you feel tired or bored, and, and you feel that your creativity is running low, look at things in a new perspective. This will give you a fresh approach to things that may even trigger new ideas that you once thought were not possible.
✔ Condition your mind to relax through meditation techniques.
A well-rested mind has a higher potential to learn new things and come up with more creative ideas. There are various meditation methods that you can do to help increase imagination.